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Anatomy of Walter White

Prologue Walter, Oh Walter, as a character how you have beguiled me! I can never ever replace such sagacity in a silver-screen thespian, so as to say, such a cryptic methodology to outwit the laws and take turn of thy future thyself at the same time appearing to lead a normal life. Nothing comes to your road so self-excavated, so intensely maneuvered, to not allow you to traverse across in reaching the destiny that you want to, desperately, step upon and that you have proved to the last inch via Breaking Bad. I find no sense of human lure in your integrity but a poise to cherish what you are and pursuing what you can do so very well. It is, hence, not greed, it is passion and it is making your soul enriched with all the richness of the world: the money, no matter even if you can’t use that overtly. Be assured, while I scope you through my own lens, you do  not lag a step behind Hannibal Lecter in every other way possible.     

An analyst's Touchdown to Frank Underwood Character

Do you really wanna know what goes in Washington, to Capitol Hill, all the way to Oval Office? For someone who has now become an old-timer veteran carving footprints, deep, into something like constitutions and laws it may, somehow, look like all the fictional trivias spilled here and there but House of Cards really, intensely, makes a great story of diplomacy: politics in the US congress, of course of the Senate and that of the House.